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About Me

I often write about current environmental issues and their social consequences, past events in the natural world, and the impact of climate change.

I have a strong interest in the natural sciences, specifically the environment and climate change. The main question which drives me is why things are the way they are; why are these issues happening, is there a deeper meaning or reason, and can it be changed? I write not to report, but to teach and help my readers care about issues which may not necessarily impact them directly.

I have written for The Varsity and Bee City Canada. I am currently a co-editor of Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Science with Science Borealis. I was a judge for the 2019-2020 Canadian Blood Services Lay Science Writing Competition.

I graduated with Disctinction from the University of Toronto with a Hons BSc. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I am an incoming Masters of Journalism student at Ryerson University.

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