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About me

I am a writer specializing in long form science non-fiction and creative fiction.

I have written for The Varsity and Bee City Canada. I am currently a co-editor of Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Science with Science Borealis. I was a judge for the 2019-2020 Canadian Blood Services Lay Science Writing Competition.


I self-publish long form science and creative content on my blog. Other genres of creative writing include short form fiction with a focus on fantasy and drama/thriller and also spoken word.

I graduated with Disctinction from the University of Toronto with a Hons BSc. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I am an incoming Masters of Journalism student at Ryerson University.


Self-Published Blog

Welcome to my blog!

I write a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres including long and short stories, science, and spoken word. 


Below are some of my recent works. Click the button to access all of my publications where you can sort by category.

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